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Why Synapse?

Dynamic Failure Protection

Whether you rely on technology as a tool for business or for convenience and comfort, failure is not an option. Synapse builds robust and reliable systems that have the ability to self-monitor for potential problems, eliminating them before they arise. Building in this level of confidence allows you to enjoy your investment knowing it will perform when needed.

Quote Confidence

The process of executing a design and meeting your needs starts and ends with the resources available. You can be confident that Synapse’s fixed pricing architecture is based on your needs and system requirements, making for a more open, accurate, and respectful design process.

Bigger Picture Design Philosophy

When designing specialized systems, there is no substitute for a broad knowledge base. Understanding that technological entities rarely exist in isolation, but rather as part of a facility-wide network, demands a thorough understanding of the crafts involved. The engineers and designers at Synapse represent a wide cross-section of skilled trades and design disciplines, allowing them to understand the effects their decisions will have when integrated. This totality in the design process:

Saves money through:

  • The elimination of unneeded and redundant hardware
  • Faster communication and decision making
  • The consolidation of design fees
  • Mitigating down time due to changes mid-project

Adds value by:

  • Consolidating control into one intuitive master system
  • Promoting continuity among design elements
  • Facilitating unity between artistic and technical entities

Delivers piece of mind with:

  • Knowing that all aspects of your project are overseen by one firm
  • Having one number to call when a question or issue arises

Contracting the entirety of your facility’s technical needs through Synapse ensures all design elements will be executed in a cohesive manner that leaves no variable unaccounted for, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Your Needs Commitment

Technology should fulfill a need in your life, and this is where the Synapse design philosophy begins.

A comprehensive evaluation of your requirements is the foundation on which all designs at Synapse are built upon. If a technological system is to be of use it must be conceived with thought being given to its end user. All designs commissioned under Synapse aim to provide reliable, easy to use solutions to the complex problems of today’s technology driven world.

At Synapse we design systems based around you and your requirements. Every custom solution designed at Synapse is crafted for the individuals involved, ensuring a perfect fit with the lifestyle of its users.

Clear Control Promise

Control solutions developed by Synapse focus on providing flexible, intuitive command over your home or business. All control solutions aim to efficiently provide access to a world of capabilities in an easy to use, functional way. Our system designers take your unique relationship with technology into account when configuring touch screens, handheld remotes, button stations and the like, ensuring that the user experience is tailored to fit you, and not a predetermined model.

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